Photo by Haley Phelps / Unsplash

Nikki was off today bowling with her family. This left Warren and I at home.

We started the day just relaxing and watching youtube, then Harry Potter 6. It was the first time that Warren had finished watching it. He wasn't too scared despite some of the movie being a little scary. I can't talk him into part 7 yet.

Around 2 we packed up and met Ian, Elise, and Ev at the pool for swimming. The pool was more packed than I have ever seen it. The kids all have to wear headbands, and almost all 80 or so were taken when we got there. It was still really a great time. Warren did awesome swimming, and was able to swim across most of the big pool himself. I am really excited for him to move up in swim classes to be swimming with different strokes.

We ended up staying at the pool for an hour and a half. I was exhausted by the end of it. Usually we get pretzels at the counter, but I really didn't want a subpar pretzel. Instead we went to the Pretzel Maker in the mall after walking around there a bit. Warren thought those were way better anyways, and I agree. A bit more expensive, but better.