Cruise Trip Day 2

Cruise Trip Day 2

Today was the first day of the actual cruise. Kim and her daughter Makenzie ran to Walmart the first thing to buy new cloths. They were luckily back in plenty of time before we needed to check out.

We checked out an jumped into the shuttle to the cruise. The driver also set us up with a return trip to the airport when the cruise was done. It may have not been the cheapest, but it was convenient.

Checking in to the cruise was pretty easy really. We were expecting a line, but we basically walked straight through security. I was expecting more difficulty checking in, but it was really a breeze.

We all walked onboard and immediately headed to the buffett for some lunch. It was hard to find a place to sit everyone down, but eventually we got pretty close. The food was pretty good, they had some a Tikki Masala that was amazing.

After lunch we headed to the room to check things out. We had 5 balcony rooms which was really nice. We had the steward drop the partitions on the balconies which really made the cruise. We were able to travel rooms between balconies, and put all four kids in one room and all couples had their own room.

We headed out to the waterslide for a while, and some of the kids went down that a few times. Ed also went on the flow rider, which looked like a blast. We went to the pool for a few minutes and then headed back to the room.

We hung out there for about an hour as we waited to leave port. It was really fun to stand on the balcony and watch boats go by and the ship start heading out to sea.

After we were at sea we headed back to the buffett for dinner. It was pretty good again, and much easier to find someplace to sit. In face we sat along the windows at the back of the boat and watched the city shrink into the horizon.

After dinner we headed to the evening show. The show was an ice skating show which was interesting to see on a cruise ship. It wasn't the best show that we saw by far, but it was a good first show to see.

Afterwards we put the kids to bed and went for a walk around the ship a bit. It was a really fun day.