Pre-Vacation Disaster!

Pre-Vacation Disaster!
Photo by Martin Katler / Unsplash

Today we were getting ready to head to Red Robin for dinner, since we don't want to cook the night before leaving. Warren had gone to Grandma Sharon's, and Mark had a late play rehearsal at school. We were just waiting for Mark to get home so we could leave for dinner.

He called about 4:30 a bit weepy. His scooter had gotten messed up and had collapsed as he was driving. He said he wasn't hurt, but we jumped in the car to go get him. As we pulled up a kid was standing there helping him out. Mark was crying pretty hard at that point. As he got up to get into the car he was limping a lot, seeming to be a lot more hurt that he had let on on the phone. We thanked the kid standing with us and got his scooter in the car.

Then a random bird flew into the car through the back and started zipping around. Nikki eventually got him under the seat opened the door and he was able to get out. It was crazy.

Marks leg seemed to be hurting him really bad. We put him in the car and took him over to the urgent care. They did xrays and he hasn't broken his leg, but it was pretty swollen. They said to ice it for a few days and to keep off of it as much as he could, which will be hard walking through the airport. He was feeling better after icing it, so hopefully it isn't injured too bad.