Day 2 PRK Recovery

Day 2 PRK Recovery

Last night I slept with shields over my eyes. They were not terrible to wear, but not my favorite.

We taped them down over my eyes, they are large enough to go outside my eye socket bones. The issue with they is that they annoyingly touch my eye lashes. That was probably for the best as it had me keep my eyes closed while wearing them. They fogged up, but I could see through the vent holes.

Picture taken next day, so tape not attached.

In the morning I carefully peeled them off. My eyes felt good, not scratchy at all. I used my prescribed eye drops and spent the rest of the day in the dark listening to Red Rising.

My eyes were sore in the late evening so I took some ibuprofen. I was prescribed hydrocodone, but I swear after a previous surgery they said I was allergic, and later in the military they changed it to oxycodone in my chart. So I didn't take that.

The hurt was more annoyance than pain anyways.