Well, That Sucked!

Well, That Sucked!

I was closing in on posting every day for four months, but I had a hiccup a week ago. I rebooted the server and it didn't come up correctly. So I decided I needed better backups. I bought a 2TB USB drive and went to set it up this morning.

The first thing I needed to do was format the drive. I plugged it in and listed my drives on Linux. I saw a 2 TB drive and a few others and also a 64GB drive. I went ahead and formatted the 2 TB drive, but couldn't get it to mount correctly. The server never came back up.

The USB drive I bought did not work correctly, and it was the 64GB drive. I had formatted my entire server drive. With no USB backups to speak of that were not on that drive.

It was a rough lesson to learn. I will go back and recreate some of my old posts, but likely won't have much.

I have also set up proper user signups that work this time.

I have also moved away from having multiple blogs. Previously my daily blog was at daily.danielbigelow.com, and I had my Coding Lines blog at danielbigelow.com. I think I will combine them but also have my coding lines blog separated into different tags to create some separation.