Urgent Care

Urgent Care
Photo by Abby Anaday / Unsplash

When I woke up my eye was really bothering me. It just felt sore. My nose was running a bit and it felt like my sinuses were a bit stuffy.

With all the sanding and drilling this weekend, I decided to head to the urgent care in case something else was wrong.

We went to the Farmington UofU urgent care as they have the eye place on site just in case. They died my eye and looked into it to check for scratches, but everything looked really good. He prescribed antibiotics and some allergy spray.

They didn't seem to help much though. I had a fairly miserable day. And it rained on my boat that has drying paint which is frustrating.

The only work I managed to get done was designing my crib boards in blender. That should let me built the edges so that I can replace them.