To Florida!

To Florida!

We were up super early this morning. Mark's knee looks pretty good it seems a little tender but he was up and walking on it with relative ease.

We got to the airport two and a half hours early and I am glad we did. It was so busy and security took an hour to get through even though it didn't seem too backed up.

The Dallas love airport is tiny and we had a huge layover there. So not much to do Sarah sent a scavenger hunt, and Warren had a blast doing that.

Warren slept most of the second plane ride. I think Mark and I were also asleep for a while.

We got into Florida right on time, but the plane ahead of us in our gate was late getting out. Eventually we got in and headed to pick up our rental car.

Our rental car is pretty neat, it's a hybrid van the feels really luxurious. The we headed to my parents place. It really is nice, and is very beachy. The kids were thrilled but it was bed time pretty quick.