Sailboat Data App Complete

Sailboat Data App Complete

I was able to shake all of the bugs out of my code. There were some things I didn't expect in the webpage I was scrapping that tripped me up, but were easy to overcome.

One, I was looking for a next page div tag. Apparently they also named their previous button as a next page tag. It was annoying, but I just adjusted to also look for the button text.

Two, the sailboats don't need a price. This wasn't evident until scrapping the 7th page which I hadn't gotten to. I simple threw in a 0 for the price before I uploaded to mongo, and everything worked.

Warren and I made noodles tonight. I used a new recipe that turned out really good. It was really easy to do. Warren helped me roll the dough out and cut it into strips. Nikki made Beef Stroganoff to go with it, and that was an amazing recipe too.

Today we got a package with anti thumb sucking stuff. We are trying to break Warren of the habit since he now has a loose tooth. We wanted to try it before we put it on his thumb, so I put some on mine and Nikki's thumb and we popped them in out mouths........ It was the worst thing I have ever tasted in my entire life. And nothing we did got the taste away. It was so bad for like at least an hour. I am not sure we will be using that on him.