PRK Surgery

PRK Surgery
Photo by Victor Freitas / Unsplash

Early in the morning, we headed down to Murray at the Moran Eye Center for my PRK surgery. I was fairly nervous now. Not scarred, but nervous not knowing how things would go.

I checked in and sat down in the waiting room. There were probably 5 other people there, some of them alone, but most with someone else. Within 10 minutes people were cycling out and new ones taking their place. They would talk about how easy it went, which made me less nervous.

After about 10 minutes some of the first people that were called back came out all done. Then right away it was my turn.

I went back into a fairly dark room. They took my glasses and started putting in numbing eye drops. A few rounds of them with 30 or so seconds in between. Then they did iodine drops, then iodine swabs around my eyes to kill any bacteria.

Then I walked through the next door and laid down on the machine. I never watched a video of what happened during Lasic or PRK. I don't know if it was just something I didn't want to know, or I didn't want to psyche myself out.

They added more numbing drops and then taped my left eye shut. Then they taped my right eyelid up. and put a piece of tape or a shield on my eyeball. I couldn't feel it and was pretty calm. They had me stare into a light and then used something to scrub away the first layer of my eye. it didn't hurt. I couldn't feel it at all.

Then they had me stare into the light and the laser started up. Smelling my own eyeball burn was something I knew would happen, but don't think I was fully prepared for. It didn't hurt at all. It only lasted about 15 seconds. Then he put some sort of thing on my eye for a few seconds and then he slid on a contact bandage.

Then they repeated the same process for the second eye. I could immediately see about halfway between my glasses and no glasses. I walked back into a recovery room where a nurse went over aftercare and medications.

In total, it took about 30 minutes to walk into the door, and 3/4 of that was waiting in the waiting room. I closed my eyes and we drove the 45 minutes home. Then I climbed into bed and listeded to audio books for the day.