Packing up and Heading Home

Packing up and Heading Home
Photo by Pascal Meier / Unsplash

Today my Mom and Mark took the kids to the pool while we cleaned out the rental and packed. There was a lot of sand from the beach, so we had to do a lot to get all that done. Luckily there was a vacuum cleaner that we could use to suck everything up.

It almost felt like we had less to pack than when we went. Warren said he was anxious about the flight. It's always funny how he has those advanced words in his vocabulary.

Once we were loaded we said our goodbyes and headed for the airport. We stopped at West Marine on the way since we don't have one in Utah. We didn't buy anything, but it's fun to look around. We got lunch at Culver's and then turned in the rental car. There were a lot of people waiting for cars, I think ours was rerented even before we got into the airport.

Security was a breeze, even though the airport was packed. I am glad we ate before because the lines to get something to eat were huge. The first flight was fairly empty, we sat two to a row with an empty seat between us.

The second flight out of Dallas was packed and loud. There was a UVU soccer team that sat near us, and the girls were so rude and noisy. I had to calm Mark down several times.