We bought another sailboat!

Our origin story of our sailboat Odin

We bought another sailboat!

 Odin is our 1970 swing keel Catalina 22. The Catalina 22 is the one of the popular boat in it's size range ever produced, and the boat is still in production today. With over 15,000 built, Odin's hull number is just #102. These low hull number boats are lighter and more desired by racers. There are drawbacks to this though, and I will go into some of those later.

Catalina Hull Number

 We purchased Odin from someone that had recently bought the boat in California. The previous owner decided that the boat was not going to fit their idea of sailing. This meant that the boat had recently been in the sailed or at least in the water. I figured it was closer to being sailed then our current sailboat. After negotiating, I believe we paid $900 for the boat and the trailer it was sitting on. The trailer was fairly shot, but would be enough to get it home and store it for the winter. After all, it had recently been driven from California to Utah. We brought it home and parked it at my in-laws for the winter till we could get rid of our current boat.

 In spring we stripped our old boat off all parts ever if we didn't think they would be useful later. This step has been a huge help as I make adjustments to Odin. The parts that we have have saved us a ton of money, well over what we spent on the first boat.

 I had worried about scrapping the old boat. Finding how to dispose of a boat in a landlocked state is not easy. After many phone calls and getting the right paperwork, we were able to take it to the local dump. Though we had been told that it would cost $150 to dispose, the guard didn't seem to be aware of that. In fact there was a city dump day and we had a coupon for a free dump. So, we were able get rid of the boat for free.

 We transferred Odin to it's new trailer in our driveway and sold the old rusty trailer for $300. In the spring we replaces the bow eye bolt with a loop and sealed the hole that the old bolt had created. We put up the mast in the driveway to ensure that we knew what we were doing and cleaned the boat up on the inside. Finally in July we took our first sail in Willard Bay Utah.