Dune 2 and No Kids

Dune 2 and No Kids
Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann / Unsplash

Today we went to see Dune 2 with my Dad, Ian, and Elise. We don't go to hardly any movies in the theater, but I really wanted to see this sooner rather than later.

I really loved the movie, I thought it was amazing cinematically and story-wise. I felt entertained throughout the entire thing.

The only thing I was disappointed with was the theater. The expensive popcorn was kinda stale and complete crumbles. The seats were good, but the screen wasn't a super clear picture. There were also cracks on the screen wall that were really distracting.

I can't wait to watch it at home on my own clear-picture tv.

After the movie, we went and grabbed Mark for a sleepover at my dad and Vicki's. They don't have school tomorrow, so it was a good day to do it. Mark decided to come home from his dad's a day early just to sleep over there.

Nikki and I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and got some steak. Then we came home and relaxed in a quiet house.