Layton Lights

Layton Lights

This evening we met up with Nikki's cousin, his wife, and their son at the Layton lights. Sarah and John came along with us.

Layton has free lights set up at the Layton Commons park. It only takes about 45 minutes to walk through, and we usually go at least once a year. It was nice seeing everyone and we had a fun time walking through. They usually have more of the park open, but the entire front of the park was under construction this year.

This afternoon Nikki noticed that one of the granola bars in the snack drawers had been torn open by a tiny tiny little mouth and a big chunk of it was gone. I tore through the drawers and we found mouse poop in several of them. We don't know if that happened before or after we got the three mice in the last few weeks, we are hoping before.

I set some traps and threw some bait where I think they could have come from. They were not in the cabinet anymore.

That was before the lights. After the lights we came home and the trap was now in the living room and the dog looked very guilty. I am sure it snapped right on his tongue or face hair and freaked him out.