Jr. Jazz Party Suprise

Jr. Jazz Party Suprise

Today we took the kids to a Jr. Jazz Party at the Delta Center. We didn't let them know before we were getting ready to leave, but they were stoked when they found out. We ate a quick dinner of Pizza gnocchi and packed up.

The place was packed when we got there. There had been 10,000 RSVP, and three Jazz players were going to be there. It took us about half an hour to get in and it was freezing out. The kids hadn't packed jackets as we didn't want to carry them, so that wasn't fun.

After we got in we didn't walk far before we found a line to get into. There was a little hoop setup for the kids to try for a basket, if they got it in they got a tshirt. Warren got it in on his second try, but Mark didn't make it. Which was fine because they didn't have anything other than kid's sizes.

After that, we got in a much longer line to head down onto the court. The line took probably 45 minutes to get through, and the event was only two hours, so it was pretty clear we weren't going to make it to everything. We eventually got down to the court and got some great pictures.

We headed up the stands and went through the door to exit, or so we thought. We got into one of the signing areas and were stuck. We had to squeeze through the line and walked right in front of one of the player picture areas. This was pretty need because we got to see Keyonte George who is Mark's favorite player.

Next, we asked the kids, and they wanted to head down another line to shoot a free throw on the court. This line was also about 45 minutes. I sat up in the stands while Nikki went down with the kids. I took her phone so I could zoom in better to take pictures. Neither kid made it, but it was a lot further than they usually shoot.

That took us to the end of the event, we were all exhausted and almost everything had wrapped up. We headed home and grabbed the kids some food on the way.

I worked out today, it was a good run. Nikki and I also started counting calories to help us loose weight. I am looking forward to getting my weight down again. I gained some back in the last year, but I should be able to drop it again.