How long is too long to go sailing?

How long is too long to go sailing?
Photo by frank mckenna / Unsplash

 One day, just before Warren was born (2 years now), we decided that we needed a plan to sail around the world. Traveling is something we both love, and sailing, though new to both of us, was something we both loved. (In fact, at that point we owned a sailboat, but we had never been sailing, now that I think about it. Sometime the plan comes before some of those steps, I guess.) We sat down for diner and talked about timeline for when we thought sailing around the world would be possible.

 We had watched the first year or two of Zatara, Gone with the Wynns, and some others, and it's something the we really enjoyed watching.

 We are both in our late 30s, and we knew that we didn't want to wait till retirement to do this. We aren't the healthiest people, and it's not something we want to put off till it may not be possible due to health. I know that there are a lot of older people out there that do a great job at getting around. I am willing to bet that a majority of people sailing around the world, or at least cruising, are 55+ years old. We do plan to cruise at that age and beyond, but I don't want it to be the grand adventure at the end of my life.

 At this point, we had Warren on the way, and Mark was 7 years old. We know that people cruise with young children, but we didn't feel that learning to sail across oceans and having a child who could barely walk would be the safest thing.