Hot Pot With the Kids

Hot Pot With the Kids
Photo by You Le / Unsplash

Today we rode the train down to the Murray and then took a bus to our favorite hot pot restaurant with the kids. We have never taken them to one before and were wondering what they would think. Sarah ended up meeting us down there.

Warren only ate rice, but he seemed to love it because he was already talking about going back. I don't think we will take him till he is eating more than just rice. It's too pricey for that. I think he likes the atmosphere a lot, and he likes watching us cook things.

Mark thought it was really near and was a bit more adventurous. He tried some noodles and mushrooms. He ate some appetizers and some desserts. He seemed to really enjoy it and couldn't make up his mind if hot pot was better or a Japanese steakhouse was better.

I thought the food was good, but we had to get a non-spicey broth because of having the kids there. I think it would have been better with spicy broth.