First Day Of Lagoon

First Day Of Lagoon
Photo by Pedro Velasco / Unsplash

Today we headed to Lagoon. Sarah, Granddad, and Grandma all came along. Mark was going to meet us there in the early afternoon for the swap out.

When we first got their we took our pictures and got our cards for our season passes. It didn't take long as they really weren't busy. We wanted the kids to have physical card incase they go with someone else. Everyone else met us at the gate right when we finished.

We had a great time, surprisingly Granddad Mark, and Sharon decided to go on all of the rollercoasters with us, which was pretty fun. We even when on Cannibal, though Warren wasn't big enough, so Sarah took him on something else while we went on. The longest line we waited in was for Primordial which is the new ride this year, it took a little over an hour to get through that line, which was longer than any other ride by about an hour.

Mark and Warren were thrilled to see each other. They did a big running hug. We stayed till about 4:30 and it started getting busy so we headed home. It was a good first day.