Dog Attack

Dog Attack
Photo by Taylor Deas-Melesh / Unsplash

Mark had a meeting with Nikki after school today. Sharon was going to pick up the kids. About an hour before that happened Nikki got a phone call. Big Mark had been attacked by the neighbors dogs as he went outside to take out the trash.

They are two massive pit bulls, so they tore into his arms and legs really good. The neighbor had to come help pull them off, but the damage was already done. He has a chunk of skin missing from his wrist. They headed off to the emergency room, and I ran and picked up Warren.

Big Mark is alright, but it's hard to think about if that had been one of my kids. They would have been at the perfect height to go after their faces and necks.

As much as I don't want something bad to happen to their dogs, they need to go.