Day 7 PRK Recovery

Day 7 PRK Recovery
Photo by Lensabl / Unsplash

I had my 1-week follow-up for my PRK today. Everything went pretty well. They ran a quick eye test and determined I am about 20/40 which is where the doctor thought I should be. Everything is a bit blurry, but is becoming more clear.

The bandage contacts that I had in were removed. I think they use some sort of adhesive to keep them in. The doctor had to remove them with tweezers to pull them out. It was a bit uncomfortable, but not bad, and it was really quick.

I need to order some sunglasses, but am deciding on brands. I have some, but they are really scratched up and completely unusable.

Warren got 12 things signed off in his skill book. There are only 100 skills in the skill book and looking at it he knows almost all of the ones left. The skill book is a lot of sight words, but a lot of them he can just read which makes memorizing them simple. His reading is really good. He needs to work on his writing though.

Mark had a Jr. Jazz game. It was at 8:10, and we considered letting Warren go, but Warren was just a mess all day. This meant that I didn't get to go, which was ok because the kids would mostly just be a blur anyway. Nikki said Mark is doing better. He gets the game a lot more, which is something I think comes from experiencing the game. I don't know that watching basketball on TV really shows what's going on with everyone on the court, and I don't think that there is really a way to learn that without playing.