Jordan World Circus

Jordan World Circus

This morning Warren was complaining about his fan making to much room and said we needed to take it back and get a new one. I probably just need to take it down and install the correct box. I shimmed it against the ceiling and ordered a balancing kit to see if that would work.

In the afternoon we picked Mark up a bit early. We got him even earlier than we needed so we went to the local Asian buffet called China Town. We had never been so we didn't know what to expect. It was pretty good. They had a normal buffet as well as a Mongolian-style grill which was what the kids wanted. It was a bit more pricey than we were expecting but it wasn't outrageous.

We got to the circus about 20 minutes before it started which worked out great seating was open, so we got to sit right up front in the center area. The kids hadn't been excited about going, till I watched a video with Warren for the circus, then he was excited, but I wasn't really anymore, it didn't look amazing.

The circus was really better than I expected. The acts were mostly fun, we were really close so we could see everything. There were no clowns which was good because I hate clowns. They did a lot of cool stunts, and Warren was enthralled with them all. Mark seemed to really enjoy it as well.

The food was actually really cheap, we probably should have eaten at the venue. We did get some pretzels and popcorn though.