Christmas at Sharon's 2024

Christmas at Sharon's 2024

We woke up at 6 in the morning. Well..... We were woken up at 6 in the morning. Warren had written in his letter to Santa that he would like him to come a day early. With Mark going to his Dad's on Christmas, it's nice to open presents the day before, so that Mark would have a day to play with new stuff before heading to his Dad's.

Mark got a video of Santa after dropping off the presents. Warren thought it was so cool to see a video of Santa right in Grandma's living room. It did take a little work to make sure it was convincing.

We opened stockings and gifts, the kids were so excited. Mark was super excited when he found out Grandma is taking everyone on a cruise. I don't think Warren really understands the concept just yet. Maybe we will have to show him some videos to show him what it's all about.

After the presents, we ate breakfast and we played some new games with the kids. They were super excited to play with the new stuff.

After dinner, we played some more games with the kids till they were ready for bed. Warren was exhausted by the time bedtime rolled around, and Mark was pretty close behind him.

Then we broke out a murder mystery I had gotten to try to solve. I thought it would take an hour or two, but it ended up taking like 5. We got all the clues right, but I think the design was a little finicky and we had a bit of a guess at the end that was one of two people as the murderer. It just felt like the ending relied a bit on an unlikely event that they didn't mention. I'm sending it with my mom to Florida, so I don't want to give anything away.