Busy Sunday

Busy Sunday

Nikki and I slept in a bit, and the kids played. I'm still kicking my cold, feeling better but not 100% yet, so the extra sleep helps.

After getting up we started cleaning. I started with laundry and the downstairs, both of which really needed it. I have kept up on laundry pretty well this last week, but the kids seem to burn through three outfits a day. Sheets also needed cleaning on their beds.

While the first load was going I started cleaning out the laundry room. It has been a cluttered mess since the mouse incident. Three mouse incidents to be exact. There were a lot of laundry baskets cluttered with non-laundry in there. I got those all cleaned out and had two loads of laundry just sitting around in there and the rest of the basement. I also vacuumed out the dryer line and refilled the water softener.

The main office in the basement I didn't finish, but got close enough, it's decluttered but needs to be vacuumed. My desk also still is a bit cluttered.

When I would need a break from that I would work on getting the rest of the server back up. I still had some minor things to get up, and I also had Nikki's website that needed set back up for her business. It wasn't tons of work, it's just a static site, which I had an actual backup copy on my computer to restore from. I did need to re-set up SSL, but I was able to get that set up in the evening.

We made homemade pizzas for lunch, they turned out really good. Warren didn't like his, but then made another one and didn't cook it, so it was like a Lunchable, and he was into that. I used a pesto sauce which really made mine pop.

I helped Mark work on basketball, he is coming along with that. We worked on how to shoot the ball and put power behind it. He can't quite make it from the free-throw line into a 10-foot hoop. We worked on how to hold the ball, and I drew a black dot on his hand to help him remember which was his shooting hand. That seemed to help a lot.

We also had him throwing the ball straight up, so he could see how he stood gave him more power when he was throwing. Then I had him go watch some YouTube videos on how to play basketball.

I also drained the hot tub as it got super cloudy last weekend. It has been three and a half months since we drained it, so it was time anyway. Once it was drained Nikki climbed in and got the water all out of the bottom that doesn't drain, and then wiped everything down really well. I refilled it again which took about two hours, which isn't bad. Now it's warming up so I can start the chemicals on it tomorrow.