Busy Day at Work

Busy Day at Work
Photo by Florian Olivo / Unsplash

Today would not leave me alone at work. I got a lot done, but it seemed like new work was flowing in faster than I could accomplish anything. I think tomorrow may be a little quieter.

Today Warren and Sarah took the train down to the Children's museum in SLC. He had a ton of fun, but it was really busy with the kids out of school in the area. They stopped and got ice-cream which made it all the more better for Warren.

After I got off Warren came down to the office and said he had to look something up. Which is funny because he care barely spell. He asked for help after a few minutes. He was trying to search, and had actually done an amazing job. He had written Hotelroomz because he wanted to lookup and fine a hotel room in Miami for our cruise later in the year. The fact that he spelled hotel roomz all on his own was really impressive.

Then after dinner him and I played some minecraft on our minecraft server till he had to go to bed.