Mothers day

Mothers day
Photo by Alex Pasarelu / Unsplash

The pork butt took 24 hours to finish. I actually slept later than I wanted too. Through all my alarms. It pulled really easily. It was moist throughout but a little less so on one side.

We took it up to my mom's for mothers day. We had a good time up there and stayed for a while but we had to get back because Sarah was taking Mark to see Anne the play.

After that Warren and I did some work on the boat. He climbed down into the back again and taped over the bolt holes for the rudder mounts and I used a plastic bag to fill the over drilled holes. This keeps any water that seeps though from getting to the core wood.

Then I took apart the winches to get ready to remove them. It should be a fairly easy job. I may need to 3d bring backing plates though.

We swapped out the zinc annode on the keel. The old one wasn't terrible, but it's easy to replace now, not so easy in the water.

I inspected the keel bolt and was actually fairly surprised how it looked. I need to lift the boat to double check, but I think it should be good for now.