Daniel Bigelow

Daniel Bigelow

I am a Software Developer with a passion for sailing, electronics, and my family.

I currently work as a Software Programmer IV at a company called ARUP Laboratories on the Small Projects team. On this team I maintain legacy code as well as develop new smaller applications to fill the needs of departments around the company. This position has really kept me interested due to the huge amount of legacy code that exists me to work on different things all the time. This also allows me to see code that was developed by hundreds of developers over the years and to see which coding styles work, are easy to maintain, and what doesn't work.

Mostly I work in C#, SSIS, SQL, JS, HTML, and Outsystems. I also am familiar with Pascal and Delphi but it's not something I enjoy or am ever interested in working on.

I am a Coast Guard veteran where I worked as an Information Systems Technician. This experience has let me see a lot of the systems administration side of IT, and allows me to make development choices that take that knowledge into consideration.

I plan on sailing around the world with my family sooner rather than later in life. This is a huge goal of not just me, but my family. The plan we have in place is working, and we look forward to getting closer and closer to achieving this dream.

If you would like to contact me I can be reached by email at interfer0@gmail.com