A Bit of Planning

A Bit of Planning
Photo by Alexander Mils / Unsplash

With our sailing trip 4-5 years out, I've been thinking about two things really.

  1. Marketability of my programming skills with a break in employment.
    I think I can cover this. If I can continually create applications and things while we are sailing under my own company it will allow me to not have a hole in my resume.
  2. Increasing earnings before departure.
    We are on track to have a good chunk of money to buy a boat. We don't need anything extravagant. Safety and comfort are our main goals. We would like to own the boat outright, so no loans for it. I would like to find a way of making at least an extra $50,000 in money on the side to throw into that pot. I have started looking for evening jobs and things like that, but I may not start a more detailed hunt for another year.
    I am trying out some side hustle remote AI jobs to see if I can get them to work. It would be a great option if I can make it work.
  3. Planning.
    I have started a list of things to bring with us. I asked Sarah to come up with a comprehensive medical bag list. Something that can be used to save a life in an emergency either on the boat or on a boat nearby. Then in the next few years, we can set up my FSA to purchase that so we save all the money we would pay in taxes. The last year we will likely do this for a huge bulk order of things like sunscreen.