2023 Marina outlook

2023 Marina outlook

The winter season of 2022-2023 brought a level of snowfall that was unprecedented, exceeding previous records by a significant margin. For sailors who traverse the Great Salt Lake, this news was received with great excitement and anticipation.

In contrast to the previous year, which had seen the lake hit its lowest recorded level ever on December 17th, 2022 at 4,188.5 feet, the current season was marked by hope and a sense of renewal. Though the state of Utah had made some small efforts to address the issue, including changes to state laws, it was clear that more significant action was required to prevent the lake from drying up in the near future.

Fortunately, the heavy snowfall during the 2022-2023 winter season brought a significant amount of relief, with some areas experiencing a snowpack of up to 200% of normal levels. As of the start of April, the snow is only now beginning to melt, having already contributed to a rise of three feet in the lake level. This is a significant gain, especially considering that historically, the lake's water levels do not begin to rise until later in the season.

However, while the abundance of snowfall has brought hope and excitement, it also carries the risk of flooding, a concern that has led to reservoirs releasing water to accommodate the melting snow. The possibility of flooding underscores the importance of staying informed and taking appropriate precautions to ensure safety.

Despite the potential risks, the increased lake levels have brought with them a renewed sense of optimism and hope. With the harbor master optimistic that the lake level will gain an additional 3-5 feet, it is increasingly likely that Odin,  will be able to return to the water this summer.

It's worth noting that the health of the Great Salt Lake is not only important for recreational purposes but also for the region's broader ecosystem. The lake provides critical habitat for a variety of wildlife, including migratory birds. As such, efforts to address the issue of the lake's declining water levels are of vital importance.

While the current winter season has brought much-needed relief, the long-term health of the Great Salt Lake is an ongoing concern that requires sustained attention and action. With that said, the abundance of snowfall this season provides an opportunity to reflect on the importance of taking care of our natural resources and the benefits that come from doing so. It's a reminder that with collective action, we can help protect and preserve the places that make our world so special.